Sunday, August 31, 2008

Round 1.5

If orange and yellow, and brown are the colors of the tobaco fields of a North Carolina fall, then my colors are appropriate for a Florida fall. I chose green for the palm trees and blue for the rain, I might add red for hurricane warnings with some purple and brown just in case. I'll have to see what the next steps bring. I'm doing color controlled, and so far I have pieced 124 green 4 patches and 231 blue pinwheels. I'm too tired now to start another round, so I'll return the family room to habitability and call it a night. I've been watching marathons of labor day "chick flicks" and catching up on the weather on the commercials. Even with Gustav over Cuba at the moment, we are getting occasional rain bands. Key West is getting 55 mile gusts, which is faster than what Fay brought. We're still watching Hanna, but she shouldn't be a concern until the middle of next week.

The kids all had good days today, this is a picture of Sydney helping wash Dad's car. She decided she didn't need a bath tonight because she had already taken one in the bucket.

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Amy (lilme2_99) said...

1:31AM?!?!??!!?! WHAT@!!! That's insane! That MUST be a mistake through blogger!!! *wink*
LOVING your OTR colors! I think they will fit your "hurricane Florida" season very well:0)

AND----Ya See, THAT pic is the way we like to always think about our "Sydney's." Glad to see she enjoyed her bath----how did she manage to wash her hair??? :0)

I'm at the farm, using DOD's (dear ol' dad) laptop and wireless connection, so I'm able to peek in. I might as well peek ahead to parts 2 and 3 (is 4 out yet?) to look