Monday, August 25, 2008

Second First Day!

The kids were FINALLY back in school today following Fay. For Sydney it was her first day of kindergarten. For Anna and Ryan it was their second day of school after a 4 day delay. Sydney has been looking forward to this day for years. It has just about made her crazy to walk Anna and then Ryan to the bus every day and not be able to get on it herself. She didn't even pause when the bus came, but just hopped on and grabbed a seat. Kurt, of course, followed along behind the bus to make sure she came off on the other end and went to the right place at school. It really wasn't necessary for Sydney's sake, but we've done it for the other two, so I didn't want her to get cheated. She never showed a moment of uncertainty, but waited with her friend from the neighborhood playing rock paper scissor until the bell. When it was time to go, she jumped right up and went straight to the right room.
Each of our children is so totally different. Sydney is either wonderful or horrible with nothing in the middle. Anna is our queen of melodrama, already practicing to be a teenager at the age of 9. Poor little Ryan went to school with his shirt buttoned all the way to the top, and a leather belt neatly fastened around his shorts. I don't want him to be a geeky little guy, but I can't turn him into something he isn't. It is good to recognize that each child is unique, but sometimes I wonder if it would be easier if they had something in common.
I'm hoping we can settle down into some sort of routine. The weather channel said something about a storm named Gustav coming to get us, but I'm going to pretend to be oblivious for now.


Quilt Pixie said...

Sydney will have great stories of how her first day at school was delayed when she grows up :-)

Amanda said...

Great first-day-of-school photography of Sydney, we still love digging out those of our two grown up boys. Ours were - and are - like chalk and cheese too. Oliver was a bit like your two girls, wonderful or horrible, and incredibly hard work from the age of 2 (though he was an angel at school) and Alexander was so laid back he was almost horizontal, and has never had a day's temper or grump in his life, not even as a teenager (though his ADHD made him a real pain at school). Here's hoping it all goes smoothly now.

Meisje said...

I never realized how much Sydney looks like you . . . and Anna looks so grown-up. This is killing me!