Saturday, August 23, 2008

Shameless Mommy Post

Sydney is easily my most aggravating child. She has way too much personality and way too little self control. She is wonderful when she wants to do something. Trying to get her to do something she doesn't want however, is an almost impossible task, and is likely to end in a an unpleasant impasse. I think she is probably very bright, but it is hard to tell, because she is so unfocused. I live in fear of the first time she decides she doesn't want to do what she is supposed to in kindergarten. I can imagine the conversation and somewhere there she will stomp her little foot and say, "I don't want to and you can't make me because you are not the boss of me." Fortunately she REALLY wants to go to school and so will probably be on good behavior.
Yesterday we were driving to lunch and passed a field full of water. Everything is full of water around here. Sydney thought that was so strange, so she shouted out, "Mommy, look at that flooded field, it's not supposed to be full of water." I'm always surprised at the things they notice. Then she said, "Cici's streets were full of water and they used boats to get around. I wish our streets had water, but they have those rectangles to drain the water so we can't go boating at our house." How many 5 year olds have taken notice of storm drains, much less thought about the consequences in terms of flood management? I think it's truly odd. Anyway, then we went to the pet store to look at "tadlepoles", and I couldn't help but thing about just how adorable my kids are. Hopefully on Monday I'll have another set of first day of school pictures, and all day I'll be waiting for that phone call from the assistant principle that Sydney has done something.


Quilt Pixie said...

it is good you can appreciate her strong will, and celebrate her rational skills. Best of all "not your problem" at some level when she butts head with the teacher hehehe

Amy (lilme2_99) said...

Seriously girl, you MUST be my LLS (long-lost-sister). As we've both said it many times in the past, our similarities are strikingly eerie. And it goes without saying that we all have times when we really wonder how we EVER will get past some situations, but then one of them will come along, do something or say something, as in Sydney's case, and all those icky moments are forgotten.