Sunday, August 10, 2008

Weekend Work

I ran 12 miles yesterday and it just wiped me out! I think I should have snuck up on it a little more. I was OK for the first 10 and then I started to get really tired. I made it through the last two, but then wanted to collapse at the end. I walked it out and managed to make it home. After a quick caffeine and sugar infusion (Mountain Dew) I showered and ate some breakfast. By then I was ready for a morning nap, and managed to sleep until lunch. I was fairly useless for the rest of the day, which tells me I wasn't quite ready for that long of a run yet. I'll fall back in mileage next week and maybe try it again the week after. I always assume that because I've done long runs before, I should be able to do them again. It doesn't seem like you should have to start from square one every time you start training again, but in some ways you really do.
I did manage do do a little puttering in the sewing room while watching bits and pieces of the Olympics on TV. I've been doing flying geese as leaders and enders with the thought that they might be the border for Dad's Plaids. I got one flap sewn on the first batch while managing to loose third piece. It was highly annoying to try to go back and match all the bits up again. So this time I pinned all three pieces together from the start. The first flap is in sewing position and the second is just hanging off the bottom until I get the the next step. I takes a little time to do the pinning, but at least I'm not loosing all the pieces and trying to find them again. I'm not sure if I'll put the borders on Sirenia today or try to get the Dad's Plaids blocks together into a flimsy. I've got a bunch of ironing I could catch up on with lots of leaders and enders. That might be my choice if something interesting is happening in the Olympics.


Brenda said...

Wow 20 miles that is abosuletly astounding. I understand what you mean about starting from scratch; I walk about 2 to 3 miles a day (nothing in comparison to you) but it is enjoyable. But if I miss a few days it is hard to push myself to go the whole distance. Have fun sewing!

Amy (lilme2_99) said...

Hey hun---thanks for the positive comments regarding the race, but you weren't that far behind me running 12 miles for training! And, BOY, do I agree with you on the "it's unfair" that we need to start from scratch each training year!!!

Hopefully you're keeping your motivation to follow your training! Lesson learned for me on Saturday!

I bet the flying geese are going to be an AWESOME border for Dad's Plaids!

I can't wait until the Track-n-Field events start for Olympics!