Saturday, June 19, 2010


We haven't been dropping off at Goodwill recently because the Red Cross picks up at the door once a month. It has been very helpful with trying to keep things organized and get rid of things we don't need. They will visit while we are on our cruise, so I took a load over to the NEW Goodwill. I have gotten shirts at the old store, but even shopping the sale tags, it doesn't turn out much cheaper than buying yardage. The new one has a clearance center though, with clothes for $0.99 per pound! I found these 9 high quality cotton shirts along with a two yard piece of fabric with the tag still attached. The grand total, along with three paperback books was just $5.44. They are all in the washer now. When they come out I'll spend some time cutting them up. I'm thinking of making a simple quilt with the same basic pattern of four patches that the quilts for kids uses. 6.5 inch squares alternating with four patches that finish at the same size. It should come together quickly and I'll have something else to use for quilting practice. I tried to pick out spring sherbet types of colors. I could have also gone red white and blue, those seem to be popular colors. I may make a denim quilt next time. It would be more expensive because denim is heavy, but it wouldn't need batting and it would be nice for using outside.

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