Wednesday, June 16, 2010


The problem with wonky anything is getting them to fit together. I thought about cutting these all down to the same size, but instead followed my recent trend of just sashing them with big borders of white trimmed to a given size.
I think I am going to call this my Surprise! series; Four Patch Surprise, Crumb Block Surprise and Log Cabin Surprise. The surprise? I'm going to sneak one oddball block into each quilt; a nine patch, a solid square and a courthouse steps block. Subtle, right?
We went out to dinner tonight and I only ordered one glass of wine, but it was buy one get one free. I'm all sleepy now so I'll have an early night.

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Amanda said...

Your blocks are looking great, the white really shows them off well. I've got quite a collection of odd blocks now, and need to get my thinking cap on and decide what to do with them.