Sunday, June 20, 2010

Last Stitch

I just finished up the last stitch in Christmas Lights. This was a mystery quilt by Bonnie Hunter published in three consecutive issues of Quiltmaker magazine last year. I've had the top and back done for quite a while, but was saving it for the HQ 16. I am planning on giving it to my sister for Christmas and am quite pleased at how it turned out. I will resist the urge to point out all the mistakes when I give it to her, though I can see them all of course.
We took the kids to see Toy Story 3 this morning. It is rare for Kurt to want to come to a movie with us, but he is quite sentimental and enjoyed it very much. We all had lunch together after that before driving Anna to Girl Scout Camp. I took along my quilt and got most of the binding finished up during the drive there and back. I don't have any more binding machine stitched and ready for handwork, so that may be my project for tonight. I think there are still two more in the pile waiting for edges and I'd very much like to add them to the finished list. I like the growing list in the sidebar, it makes me smile.


Amy (lilme2_99) said...

Glad you had some time to finish up Christmas Lights! So, what's next on the list???? Those other two (or three?) should be checked off in no time :0)

Amanda said...

The quilt looks great, but quite an intricate pattern to piece I should think. Aren't we hard on ourselves, seeing all the mistakes in things? I can't manage to do any sewing in the car as it makes me queasy, so I knit instead. I hate sewing all the bits together when I've knitted them though, so I've got a couple of jumpers finished but not yet sewn together.

Micki said...

The quilt is lovely! It turned out great!