Thursday, June 3, 2010

Little Projects

There has been quite a bit of running around going on here which hasn't allowed much time for large amounts of progress. So instead I'm working away at projects in little bits of time. I finally finished the last little bit of binding on Whirlygiggles so I can promote I Spy to binding bullet on the list. Tonight is the season premiere of Royal Pains, so that will be the perfect binding sewing time. I thought about taking some Dear Jane blocks to swim team, but that seemed risky with the wind and water and sunscreen. So instead I had the girls pick out a skein of cotton yarn from the sale bin at Joann's and made a dishcloth. It worked up really quick and didn't require much concentration. I Googled a couple of patterns but just ended up winging it. 25 double crochets per row until it seemed square and then two circles of single crochets around the perimeter with a little loop added to one corner in case I want to hang it up.
Kurt's anniversary present finally came in. I was bummed that it was late (our anniversary is the same as my birthday is the same as my mom's birthday). He was going to get me an i-Pad before I committed to the HQ16, so I went ahead and got one for him. He was pleasantly surprised and having lots of fun now playing with all of the aps and figuring out how he can use it. He hopes to be able to take it on business trips and use it in meeting instead of a laptop.

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heather said...

I love my iPad. The case you made is very nice too.