Thursday, June 17, 2010

Lonely Logs

Today was our "out" day. Swim team, free movie, fabric store, lunch, silly bandz shopping and the hardware store. After that I folded a bunch of laundry and matched up socks. Not quite as fun as my grout scrubbing of yesterday, but it was a close second. I did get a bit of sewing done on the fill in the blank blocks after the kids were in bed. There is certainly lots of empty space in there for some quilting practice.
Tomorrow is my trip north for handiquilting classes! There is one from 9 to 12 and another from 2 to 5. I've got my camera packed, so hopefully I'll get a couple of pictures to share. I should still get back in time to do some sewing for the Friday Night Quilt Along.
Kurt took Ryan to his football awards ceremony tonight. Did I mention that they won the championship series? The coach had special shirts made up for them to celebrate.

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