Friday, June 18, 2010

Quilting Class

I just got back from my quilting classes. I signed up for two out of a possible 6 classes that were offered over a three day period at a machine quilting shop a couple of hours away. There was a cool class yesterday that I though about signing up for, but the logistics of getting away for more than one day seemed tricky. The morning session was on using rulers. I don't have a ruler base, but the ability to do stitch in the ditch seems like a good thing so I went ahead and ordered one. Using a ruler seems to be a slow and tedious process, but I think sometimes it could be worth it, especially when used with other less time consuming techniques. In the afternoon there was a free motion class based on a book by Megan Best. The premise of the book is that you can start with a basic meaner and then add on to it to get lots of different designs. We practiced each of her patterns on sheet protectors with dry erase markers first and then took turns trying them out on the machines they had set up. Most of the ladies there seemed to be very serious quilters. They all quilted for customers and had been at it quite a while, mainly using computerized machines. Despite that, I was happy with my own ability to execute the patterns we were practicing. I am always amazed at the few classes that I go to, one of the main things I learn is that I am doing pretty well figuring things out as I go along. I got lots of good ideas though, as much from other students as from the teachers. It is so fun to be able to talk to other people that are even more into this quilting hobby than I am.
I will definitely start a practice quilt soon. I am going to either make a simple black and white checkerboard or do a whole cloth divided into squares. Then I'll choose a different design to practice in each little square. The other thing I definitely want to try is a circle quilt with long arm raw edge applique. The shop was also a distributor for acuquilt and we got a demo after lunch. Having just invested in quilting machine, I'm not ready to go out and buy anything else, but it is a really cool tool. I have a mini version called a Sizzix that I use for scrapbooking and have always thought that they should make a quilting version.
I have to go do something quilty in honor of the sew-in. Then I'll go check in and see what other people are up to. Happy Friday!


Amy (lilme2_99) said...

Oh wow Angela---are all of those samplers you did today???

I'm so jealous of your day today, but I know you will share your knowledge via your blog as you begin to take your learned information to your own machine at home.

Amanda said...

I so often find that the greatest value of classes is talking to other participants. And the tips that you pick up from the teachers that they throw out as a 'by the way'. I wish I could find one on ordinary machine quilting!