Friday, June 11, 2010

Step 1 and Nifty Cheap Tools

I just finished off step 1 of the June Mystery in time to bop off and pick Sydney up from rock climbing camp. I checked on Amy who has already finished step 1, trimmed a set of blocks for an exchange and put together a challenge top. She makes me feel like I am moving in slow motion. Yesterday while picking up some barrettes to help Anna to get her hair to stay in her swim cap I stumbled on some manicure sticks. Not being a high maintenance kind of person, I thought they would be good to use as a stiletto while quilting. They have colorful sandpaper like ends that keep the seams all headed the right directions without putting fingertips in peril.
The other cheap quilting tool I am in love with is a flannel backed table cloth that I picked up for $3 on clearance. 4 thumbtacks secure it to the wall as a perfect removable design wall. I've got in-laws coming to stay in the near future and am already starting to think about how my studio can transform back into a guest bedroom again.

In more exciting quilt related news; I got a notice through my handiquilters yahoo group that a quilt shop not too far away is having a series of handiquilting classes next weekend. I called first thing this morning and signed up for two classes next Friday!! It is a day off for Kurt so he will be happy to stay home and hang with the kids. One class is about using rulers and the other one is some special BEST technique. That of course motivated me to finally call about getting my free in home orientation that comes with the HQ16, and I'm waiting to hear back from them about when that will be.

Gotta go get Sydney now, I'll post scary pictures of her climbing way too high when I get back.


Amy (lilme2_99) said...

As I said in the email to you---I'll be sure to pick up one of those table cloths to use as a design wall!!!

Gald you have the opportunity to get some classes for the LA! Be sure to share what you learn for us unfortunate souls who don't have anything like that around!

Happy Friday! What do you have lined up for tonight's Friday Night Sew In?

Quilter Kathy said...

Blocks look fabulous! I hope to catch up to you this weekend!

SheilaC said...

I use the table cloth design wall too!! So easy and inexpensive!

Thanks for sharing your tips.