Saturday, January 1, 2011

Scrap Happy Saturday

After surveying my blue scraps, I decided to dive in to the 2 inch squares first. Four patches are easiest to do as Leaders N Enders, but they seemed a little small to work with in this size.  Maybe I'll save those for 2.5 inch squares.  Instead I decided to put together some nine patches. Although you can make nine patches by adding onto a four patch, I thought it would be easier to make three three patches instead.  These are still simple enough to do as LNE, and the seams nestle nicely.  Don't worry about whether you are using light blue or dark blue or teal blue, remember, the goal is to use up your scraps, so anything goes. 
Blue makes me think of ice and cold, so I decided to alternate the nine patches with snowball blocks.  The nine patches com out to a handy 5 inch size which allowed me to pull some white charms squares out for these blocks. I took the same 2 inch squares I had been laid them on the corners of the white squares.  Some people like to draw a line diagonally across the small square and sew along the line.  I'm too lazy for that though and just line them up in the machine and hope for the best.  After sewing a square to each corner, I double sew each seam so that I can trim behind and harvest the extra HST units.  They are tiny, but will make something highly adorable I am sure. I could use a little cell phone holder......
This is what I have so far. Blue is my biggest pile of scraps, so I could easily let this turn into a whole quilt.  I also thought about place mats, or potholders.  The project I ended up making though was an adorable little mug rug.  I'll blog about that in my next post.


Deb A said...

Oooohhh. Love this quilt! Great idea.. I may have to join you in the monthly challenges. We'll see how the next week goes but I've got a lot of blue squares that need using.

Brenda Kay said...

Love this idea, I have never made snowballs or mug rug. Think I will start with this since it is new. Didn't realize I was on the no reply list, must have done something wrong the first time. Let me know if this works.