Saturday, December 29, 2012

LAST ScrapHappy Saturday of 2012!!

It is the end of another year of the Rainbow Scrap Challenge, but also a fresh start for a new year of projects.  First let me say "Hello" and welcome all the new scrap users for 2013.  The Rainbow Scrap Challenge is supposed to help you find lots of new and creative ways to use your scraps.  Rather than jumping in and trying to tackle the whole mess at one time, the goal is to focus on one color each month, slowly whittling down your scraps as the year progresses.  Some people choose a new project each month, but lots chose one block and make some in each color. By the end of the year you might just have enough to make a quilt or two.
For the old timers, welcome back and thanks for all the inspiration and support throughout the years.  Hopefully you have some ideas waiting in the wings for the new year.   Still on the fence, why not wait an see what everyone else is planning this time?  As for me, I have big plans.  My primary project is going to be a Rainbow Scrap Challenge Dear Jane Quilt.  I'll make as many blocks as I can with the color of the month and then use the scraps from that in postage stamps and Omigosh blocks.
Ready to get started?  January is going to be pink this year.  Feel free to jump in and get started or just introduce yourself to the others and share your plans.  I'll make a new button soon so that you can post it on your blog.  (Something I should have thought about before going out of town for the holidays)  There is also a tab at the top of my blog that will be updated from time to time with new scrappy ideas.
Each Saturday there will be a  linky party for anyone with Rainbow projects to share.  Please join in to share your progress and check in on everyone else.  Feel free to join in as often as you like and please don't feel obligated or guilty when life gets in the way.


Ann Marie @ 16 Muddy Feet said...

Somehow reading our first color for 2013, set me in panic mode. Could be because I have been sick now for a week, very, very little sewing has happened, even though I have been home the whole time, by myself. I just feel I am way behind on where I wanted to be when you announced the color. I would say I am just going to take a deep breathe and it will be ok, but in reality if I breathe deep, I will go into a coughing fit and hack up a lung, and that really hurts! So I will mini breathe, try not to get to light headed, and when I see the sewing room, start digging out the pinks. Now where did I put my cheat sheet of what I am making???

Deb A said...

Pink! But darn it.... projects got in the way of me sorting through the bin of scraps. Oh well, I'll have the kids dig and pull the pinks out... that should keep them busy for a while =). I see a rainbow of color all over the living room today.

Ellen said...

Today I am going to sew up a few blocks that I still need to finish up for 2012 and then hopefully I will be ready to go full steam ahead for 2013!

Angela, thank you for hosting the Rainbow Scrap Challenge again!

Kate said...

I need to figure out the paper piecing so I can get started on this year's Rainbow scrap project. It's a good thing that I finished up the last two blocks for the 2012 challenge last night!

Thanks for hosting the challenge again in 2013. It's a great motivator!

Sheila said...

2012 Rainbow Scrap Challenge was so much fun!!! I finished 4 beautiful quilts and have a 5th one ready to sandwich and quilt this week. I also made a dozen pot holders and some scrappy happy house blocks. I used up a lot of scraps and stash!
This year I plan to make at least one large rainbow quilt by making several different types of blocks in each color. Will also make a pot holder and maybe a coin purse each month. While I'm going through my scraps in each color, I want to cut the smaller pieces into 2 1/2" squares for a future postage stamp quilt.
I think my scrap collection grows while I sleep, but my plans for 2013 should use up a lot of it : )
Thank you for hosting another Rainbow Challenge year, Angela! You are the best!
Pink scraps ... Let the fun begin.

Deb@asimplelifequilts said...

I am thinking about joining in for 2013 but am waiting for inspiration as to what to make... it will be something from 2.5" strips or 5" charms as I have those all pre-cut and ready to sew.

Andee said...

Can't wait to get started with pink! I really love doing this every month, thanks Angela!

Angie said...

I had hoped to have a progress shot to show by the end of December, but to be honest I have been awol from the sewing room most of the month. I'm looking forward to January and having sewing time again! The Rainbow Scrap Challenge has been a wonderful source of inspiration and blogging friendship - definitely looking forward to doing it again! I'm still haven't narrowed down what my 2013 project (projectS?) will be, but that's only because there is such a wealth of inspiration! Did you have to mention Omygosh?! Hoping the new year is full of good things for you!

Leah said...

Life got in the way in 2012! Hopefully I'll do better in 2013.... maybe?