Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Tiny Tuesday - Whirling Stars

 This is Midget Block number 85.  It was paper pieced in 6 sections which required inset seams at the corners.  Silly inset seams, they just don't mix with paper piecing in my humble opinion.  I had two different fabrics picked for this block initially but switched them out at the last minute.  I am quite fond of the pink print and think it looks quite nice with the blue. 
I thought I was going to struggle as I started marking the paper piecing templates with color choices, nothing seemed to line up quite the way it should.  Then I realized that the pattern was not printed out with all the adjacent blocks lined up.  After I cut them apart and rearranged them, it all made perfect sense.  I asked Kurt to pose with the block, for some reason he thought it should look like a mug shot.  Silly boy. 


Lynne said...

Your model certainly looks serious! lOL

I bet he has a really great sense of humour.

I love that block -- it really lives up to its name!

Kate said...

Very pretty, the pink with the blue does look great.

At least your guy will let you close when you have a camera in your hand, mine runs when I get mine out.

Amy said...

LOL. Funny you say "mug shot," cuz that's exactly what he achieved :)

LOVE the pink fabric.

Debbie said...

I like this block...pretty cute for a mug shot.

Cyn said...

Great little block. Nice fabrics.
Yup... it's a mug shot alright.

Ellen said...

I don't know - it looks to me like he is just overcome with the honour of holding one of these precious blocks!

It really does look like he has a sense of humour about it all.