Saturday, March 30, 2013

Last 2 Orange Blocks

I JUST finished the last two orange triangles.  ALL the orange Dear Janes are now done, except for a bit of hand sewing of applique bits.  Ryan and his friend Troy were my volunteer block holders.  They have something going on with fake mustaches.  The kids have all built a zipline in the back yard and have got most of the neighborhood over playing on it.  They have just met a new family that moved into the neighborhood with an 11 and 9 year old girls and a 7 year old boy.  They think its cool that we have SO many kids here.  Oops, looks like they are off on an egg hunt.  They are hiding them for one another in the back yard.  I should probably go supervise.  


Terri said...

I hope those are hard boiled eggs!
Happy Easter to you all.

Teresa in Music City said...

Sounds like such a fun neighborhood for kids to grow up in!!! Hooray for you getting those orange DJ triangles done. Block by block ... you'll have that quilt done before you know it :*)

Michelle said...

A zipline in the backyard? I'm jealous!

Elly D said...

Lovely Dear Jane triangles! I hope you are having a Happy Easter!

Sheila said...

Great neighborhood for kids : )
Glad to see the new color is GREEN. I have some green scraps.