Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Tiny Tuesday - Ashley's Aura

It is applique this week with C6.  I tried fussy cutting this time.  I wish I had cut the white part as a single circle so that the edges lined up better, but nonetheless It is another block crossed off the list.

DJ Count 10 blocks 0 triangles 139 pieces


Deb A said...

It will look great with all the others! Love the fussy cut on the blue. Are you using a book or website when making these? Oh, the original is not perfect and still the quilt is awesome! (Yes, I got to see it while in Vermont) .Have a great last week before vacation.

Ellen said...

Pretty blue fabric and fussy cutting the fabric was a great idea. Looks good to me!

Kate said...

The blue and white looks great. Love the background fabric.