Friday, March 1, 2013

Thinking Day

Sydney's Girl Scout Troop had thinking day last night.  It is a chance for lots of different troops to get together and learn about other countries.  Her troop chose France, they sang Frere Jaques, built an Eiffel  Tower and posed for pictures as Mona Lisa.  It has been a busy week and the weekend doesn't look much better, but for now I am going to steal away and sew a bit.  I have some orange plans underway and can't wait!  


Margaret said...

I remember "Thinking Day"...though I seemed to recall it was held as close to Feb. 22 as possible because that was Baden-Powell's birthday. In Canada we call it Girl Guides; I was one...and then a Brownie Leader and Guide Leader when my daughter was involved. The ages have shifted though, and I don't particularly like the outcome. When I was a Guide, I was the age of today's "Pathfinders". I think Guides today are too young and (at least in Canada) there are too many stupid, politically-correct rules that foul up camping and a host of other activities...Glad I'm no longer part of it!

Kate said...

What a fun shot! Hope you get some sewing time in.

Andee said...

What fun!