Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Just a Taste

What a week it has been already!  After the big Lego tournament this weekend, last night was the final Academic Team match. Following a fabulous season, we finished a disappointing second place in the championship match.  Still, we came home with two trophies and two students going on to the state competition.  I will be one of the coaches again.  Fortunately though, practices for that won't start until after the winter break.  We are all slogging through the last week before exams and then a nice break.  I am still buried in school work, but spent a few minutes in protest tonight getting a tiny start on step 2 of the solstice mystery.  Still avoiding the sewing part until my machine comes home again, but cutting and drawing lines is a simple diversion.


Ellen said...

Congrats to all of the participants!

So frustrating for you waiting for your machine. Hopefully, they have at least provided you with a time frame for you to get your machine back.

Andee said...

Congrats to the Lego Team!

Kate said...

Second place isn't shabby, congrats on that.