Friday, July 17, 2015

Red Alternate Block Directions

There is a tutorial for making alternate blocks.  Look for the link on the RSC15 tab at the top of the page.
I thought that we would be able to put together the entire bottom row this month, but unfortunately there are just a few brown squares keeping us from that quite yet.  Still, you can get the four patches done and even assemble partial blocks if you like.
You will need 25 2.5 inch squares in red along with background squares of the same size.
First you will need 8 four patches which are red and white.  In addition you will need three two patches with red.  Finally, you will need two single squares of red.  Arrange the four patches so that they form a large "M" over the two red blocks on the bottom row.  If you are feeling very energetic, you can add 4.5 inch squares of background fabric between the four patches and assemble partial blocks with two four patches joined with the larger background square in the center.  Each of these partial blocks represents one third of the alternate block.
I a planning to post a series of posts with directions for different color combinations.  I will put links to each post on the RSC15 tab so that you can check back when you are ready to begin working on your alternate blocks.  

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Delighted Hands said...

I'm finding the connecting blocks are taking me a bit longer to put together but they make the star blocks sing so they are worth the extra work!
(The time suck is the digging and matching of fabrics!)