Sunday, December 9, 2018

Finishing Fun

The end of the year always kicks me into high gear as far as finishing.  I had a closet full of quilt tops ready and waiting in case we had another long school break for hurricanes, but thankfully that did not happen this year.  I think I finished 6 quilts during Irma last year.  I'm working hard to match that number, but without the extra 7 days off of school.  There are now three in the finished stack!  From top to bottom, Running Stitches, Four Patch Surprise and Oh My Stars.  All in need of binding.  There is definitely a movie marathon and hand stitching party in my future. 
Here is running stitches.  Two running themed fabrics that I ordered back when I was doing marathons.  I'm only doing halves now, which is a nice distance for me.  I always thought this one was too bright, which is why the finished blocks sat for so long.  I think that a lime or teal border will finish it off.  
 Here is the back.  I used up SO many strange bits and pieces here.  The long border print was part of Ryan's nursery ensemble.  I cut off a long strip to make a ruffle for his crib I think.  The yellow fabric in the upper left was from Sydney's nursery.  Then there are a few extra blocks and a few random fabrics that just seemed to fit in.
I got borders on Four Squared this morning.  It is all ironed and ready to load on the frame.  As soon as I pick up some batting that it.  I'm reaching the end of my usefully sized extras for piecing.  
 I just need to piece up the back first.  There is plenty of brown fabric there, but it just seemed like too much darkness.  So I pulled out a few more 16 patches to add a little color variety.  I'm linking up with Oh Scrap! this morning.  I can't think of much that I do that doesn't qualify as scrappy.  We are off to See Ralph Breaks the Internet as a family this morning.  Then Sydney wants to go short shopping so that her behind doesn't hang out quite so much.  After that, I need to flesh out the details for next year's RSC Sampler quilt.  Then I will get a quilt loaded on the frame.  I'm sure I can fit it all in there somewhere. 


LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

I really like Four Square! I'll have to remember that type of block for my scraps. Looks like fun to get those two finished up!

Jayne said...

I love seeing a nice big stacks of finished quilts! It's always a relief when WIPS/UFOS are finished after having them sit...staring at you...wondering when it will be their turn! Congrats!

The Joyful Quilter said...

Congrats! on adding another quilt to the Nearly Done pile. I hope you stopped by the fabric/craft store for more batting while you were out!! :o))

Cynthia Brunz Designs said...

Great progress Angela. Even when I don't plan on a scrappy quilt, they always seem to find their way into the mix :)

Thanks for linking up with Oh Scrap! We always love to see you there.

Marly said...

Good luck finding the time to get all these finished soon.

beaquilter said...

Great job! I'm finishing up too but then got an idea today so I gotta try that!