Tuesday, January 1, 2019

RSC19 - Tiny Tuesday Block 1

The first Tiny Tuesday block with year will be a string block.  
Step 1: Gather supplies.  You will need strings.  Strings are strips of fabric.  For this block, anything between 1 inch and 2 inches will work well.  It is also nice to have triangles.  I usually save the extra bits leftover from joining binding for this.  In addition to strings, you will need paper for foundation piecing.  Telephone books work great if you can get your hands on one still.  Any lightweight paper will do.  If not, just regular old paper is OK as well.  
 Cut your paper into a 5-inch square.  
Find a strip of fabric long enough to reach across the diagonal in the middle of your square.  
Find another strip about the same length and place it face down on top of the first square.  You may pin it to hold it in place temporarily or just hold it and hope for the best.  In any case.  Sew with a nice straight quarter inch seam through both strips of fabric and the paper.  If you use a slightly shorter than usual stitch length, then removing the paper at the end will go more easily for you.  
Open up the strip you just sewed and repeat with a new strip along the other edge of your center strip.  
After you have strips sewn on either side, it is time to iron.  Notice that all of the seams don't necessarily run parallel to one another.  This is fine with a string block, as long as each seam is straight, having additional angles can add interest to your block.  
Repeat the process of adding a strip to either side of your block.  You can use slightly shorter strips each time, as long as they are long enough to cover the paper.  Don't worry about the exact size, it will all be trimmed in the end.  Press open and repeat until you get near the corners.  
 When you get to the corners, you can either add slightly wider strips or use triangles if you have them.  Try not to use anything too skinny.
 Make sure that you have fabric covering all your paper.  Press your finished block so that it is nice and flat.
Finally, it is time to square up your block to 5 inches.  I like to use a bias square up ruler for this, but feel free to use whatever you have on hand.  
 Repeat on all sides so that you have a nice, perfect 5 inch square.
 Remove the paper from the back.
 Here is your finished block.  It should measure 5 inches square.  Follow the directions for setting your block.  This week is a straight set block.  There will be a PDF of this block posted on the RSC19 Sampler Tab.


Mari said...

Great start to the quilt and the year! I can't tell, though-- is this orange or red? Maybe my new year's resolution should be to get a new laptop! :)Happy 2019!

Frédérique - Quilting Patchwork Appliqué said...

Great block! Nice start 😉

Jerilea Hendrick said...

I'm excited to start- what is the color for January?

Jo said...

This is an easy start to the year. I have reds....

cooneen said...

I've been doing this only using a rectangular spiral bound telephone book. I use this between other blocks using up scraps as I go.

Crystal_235 said...

Is the color for January red?

Julianne said...

Do we just make one block every Tuesday in the RSC color of the month?

Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

THe reds are so cheery as I look out on a white world here in Canada. Lovely to see what you make with your scraps, as always.