Tuesday, January 1, 2019

TIny Tuesday - Straight Set #2

This is a slightly oversized version of the straight set for tiny Tuesday blocks.  Use it if your blocks are slightly on the small side, or if you prefer to set your blocks larger and square them up to the final size. 
1 Tiny Tuesday sampler block
2 sashing strips 2 inches by 5 inches
2 sashing strips 2 inches by 8 inches 
 Sew a short sashing strip onto each side of your sampler block.  Press seams away from the sampler block and toward the sashing strips. 
Add long sashing strips to either side of your block.  Your finished, framed block should be about 8 inches.  Because it needs to be 7.5 inches, you may trim it to size.  Feel free to do this now or wait until the end.  


Terri said...

It makes a nice "I Spy" quilt for bigger subjects.

Queen of good enough said...

I am new to this so I am not sure what color I should use to boded the block. Do I make multiple red strings blocks or just one? Jeanne

Queen of good enough said...

Sorry it should have read what color should I use to border the block?

Crystal_235 said...

Is the unfinished block size 7.5" and the finished 7"?