Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Tiny Tuesday #14

I'm enjoying classic patterns lately.  Today's block is a simple variation of a log cabin with the color placed ever so slightly differently.  The advantage of this layout over a traditional log cabin is that you can add two log on each round before you have to iron rather than just one, which makes things go faster when you are sewing just one block.
 Each log or step on your block is made from a 1 inch strip cut in an even increment of 1 inch.  That makes it easy to cut and to keep track of.  I decided to use the aqua fabric for the center, but either arrangement would work.
A single 1 inch square
2 2 inch by 1 inch rectangles
2 3 inch by 1 inch rectangles
2 4 inch by 1 inch rectangles
2 5 inch by 1 inch rectangles

2 1 inch squares
2 2 inch by 1 inch rectangles
2 3 inch by 1 inch rectangles
2 4 inch by 1 inch rectangles
 Here are all the steps laid out
 First, sew a white square onto either side of the center teal square.  Press the seams away from the center. 
 Next, add a 2 inch step onto either side of your center squares.  If you are using a perfect quarter inch seam, the steps should match the size of the center unit perfectly.  Now is a great time to adjust your seam if it isn't quite right.  I kept finding me steps just a tad short, meaning that my seam was too narrow.  I adjusted ever so slightly on the next round and all was well.
 Continue to add steps to either side of your center unit, pressing the seams away from the center with each addition.
 On the third round, I started to find my steps just a tiny bit short again.
 I trimmed the edges gently and tried to make sure the next round was spot on.
The final block should be 5 inches square.  It has lots of pieces, but with careful sewing, it is a pretty straight forward block to sew.  It should be set diagonally in the final quilt.  


Turid said...

Thank you, I needed an easy block just now.

Stephanie from Ontario said...

I like how you didn’t use 1/2” increments. Very civilized. I haven’t been doing Tiny Tuesdays but it is a thought.......

Rebecca said...

Courthouse Steps...
fun block and a classic!

The Joyful Quilter said...

Super cute!! I've been wanting to make a Courthouse Steps block. Haven't been working throught the TT blocks, but just might HAVE to do this one!!