Saturday, April 27, 2024

The End of April

And just like that, we are almost to the end of April.   I am looking forward to digging into the pink bin for May, but first, it looks like I need to square up some crumb blocks to finish yellow stars.  They have made only slight progress this week as I combined smaller chunks of fabric to make larger chunks of fabric.  I think each chunk is big enough though to be a star center, which is the end goal. 
I did spend some time last weekend updating Hen & Chick tutorials.  Please check out the RSC24 sampler tab to links to all pattern pages.   Please let me know if there are any mistakes in the directions.  I found that I had somehow gotten measurements wrong on the 12 inch blocks, so there could be other problems a well that I need to get fixed.    

We are at the end of the year for seniors.  Thursday was their big capstone presentation day and then yesterday was the senior breakfast with many teary eyed speeches by homeroom teachers.  Then they all gathered in the gym to prepare for a group photo.  We will have College Decision day on Wednesday and then it will be all tests all the time until we are done. I found three days in the schedule to help juniors with college applications, which is a huge sign that this year is ready to be done.  Natural cycles with endings and new beginnings is one of the great things about teaching.  I think that I would miss that if I weren't in a school.  

Kurt stayed on in Virginia to work for the week after I came home on Monday and took care of the newly planted seeds.  Several have started to form tiny buds.  This is one of the pear trees.  How sweet is that little guy?  It is glorious spring weather here and I know that summer will descend in a damp hot haze soon enough, so I am soaking up each minute.  


LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

It's an exciting time of year for kids and teachers, with lots of fun things to do! And you've almost made it through one more school year, too. Your design wall full of yellow blocks is bright and sunny!

Sara said...

I do miss that end of year flurry of activity in a high school. Actually I miss it all - some days! I was a senior class advisor for many years, so there was a lot of prep leading up to graduation, which was usually mid-May. Unless we had to add days to make up for snow days lost. But with "virtual learning" now that probably won't happen very often.

Lin said...

Thank you Angela - looking forward to pink. xx

Connie said...

I always love seeing people use up their scraps in quilt making. My favorite quilts are those made with so many different fabrics that it's hard to get a count on them.
Happy quilting,
Connie :)

MissPat said...

Wow, the end of the school year already? Our kids go until late June. But then you start in August, so I guess it all works out. Good luck getting through testing.

Alycia~Quiltygirl said...

What fun to come to the end of the year celebrations!!!
and Pink!! That was one of my two guesses - I like it!!
Have a great week!!

Kate said...

The end of the school year is always so busy. Though ours is in grad school, she is a teaching assistant, so she's been trying to get through all her end of year duties. At least you have a summer off to look forward too.