Sunday, September 21, 2008

Could I Possibly be More Oblivious?

I never switch feet. I just slap the quarter inch foot on my Bernina and go in fast forward. If I do ever switch, it is to the darning foot for free motion or the walking foot. The Girl Scouts on Monday made fabric shopping bags which need a zig-zag foot. I had just sewn the last diagonal row of Old Hurricane Road together when I realized that I had been using the wrong foot all weekend! Most of the top was done, with just the last few rows left to sew on. All with a 3/8 inch seam allowance. I'll be curious to find out what the final measurements are. I thought the blocks seemed to be shrinking up an awful lot, but I just kept going, oblivious. Lesson learned, if something seems strange, it is better to check right away. I decided at that point is was best to save the rest for tomorrow when I can reassess in the light of day.
I spent most of the afternoon prepping and painting in the master bathroom. Kurt has been plugging away in there for ages and I was starting to feel guilty for not participating. Also, he is not to be trusted with a tube of caulk. There is a certain amount of finesse in the finishing work that he seems to be lacking. So I got the woodwork all sanded and caulked, taped off the edges and got most of the trim freshened up. There was a bit of repair work to be done from the baseboards that he reattached after Jeanne a few years ago. I tried to fix it at the time, but I think I handled it wrong and hurt his feelings. All of the holes in the walls have been filled and sanded and the wall paper mural has been removed. I just need to finish up the woodwork and then the walls should be ready for a fresh coat of paint. We are going with a color called Pale Sand 4. Most of the house is Pale Sand 2 or Pale Sand 1. This is just a slightly darker version of the same thing. It is sage green right now, but I think beige will go better with all the new tile. I am of course wishing now that I hadn't painted the closets green as well. One thing at a time I guess.


Quilt Pixie said...

I also, all too often, forge ahead when something seems "off" only to find there really was a probelm later! Glad your seams are a little deeper though rather than skimpy -- yes you will have lost top into the seams, but they'll be strong :-)

Julie said...

I am sure it will still look fine. I once sewed on an entire border with the wrong side of the fabric UP!!! I felt like such an idiot.