Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Girl Friends and Gossip

One of the advantages of having a husband out of town is that I can galavant around town and feed the kids junk food and nobody notices. Today was full of galavanting (I'm guessing that's not really a word -- 'cause spell check is yelling at me). After work, I came home and made some Girl Scout phone calls. Then Sydney had her first Daisy meeting today after school. It wasn't a girls meeting yet, just a parent meeting to fill out paperwork and pay dues and such. Did I mention already that I was lucky enough to find a new leader for Sydney's troop? I lived in fear that there wouldn't be any volunteers, and I'd end up running two different Girl Scout troops AND being school coordinator (YIKES!). So I am thankful to have found a competent, willing and happy volunteer. So I entertained the girls while the new leader chatted with the moms. From there is was time to drop Anna off at her friends house so they could play before Wednesday night youth group. Anna is a member of her church, but we're not, I guess that's a story for another day. So, the mom of Anna's friend is a good friend of mine, and one of my running partners. We went inside for a bit and chatted while the kids played. She is recovering some chairs in her family room, and we looked at fabric swatches -- how fun! Then I rushed home to do some girl scout phone calls and another girl friend, who lives in the neighborhood, and also has a husband out of town, brought her two boys over to play. We ordered pizza for dinner and shared gossip. Her gossip is always more interesting than mine, so I just listened mostly. After they left, I shooed the kids off to bed and graded papers until my fingers were numb. Now I'm headed off to bed so I can be bright and cheery in the morning. I can usually pull off this whole superwoman single mom thing for about three days, so I'm guessing I'll be ready for a melt down by the time Kurt gets home on Friday. But for now, It seems to be working. Hanna is steering away, and I'm ignoring Ike, 'cause otherwise, I would go a little bit crazy (well maybe a little more crazy). The storms really do almost always go somewhere else -- it's simple statistics, right? Anywhere else is just a much bigger place than right here -- more area means more probability of storms being there than here. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.


Amanda said...

According to my dictionary gallivant came into being in the 18th century - what a wonderful word, it sounds so decadent and gay (gay in the true sense of the word that is). It sounds like a perfect first week of term - still in holiday mood, but easing back into school - before the tiredness catches up. Here's hoping the storms continue to avoid you.

Quilt Pixie said...

being single mom has advantages, but being "supermom" isn't one of them to me! Gave up that role years ago, and settled for "sufficiently competent to only scar child for life, not generations to come too" :-)

I love the freedom of being a single mom -- the rule is what I say the rule is and there's no one to negotiate it with -- If I want pizza at 7pm, I get pizza. Down side is all the work around the house is yours and you know it... I alsways thought being a part-time single mom really only emphasized the downsides of having a partner AND single parenthood; Hang in there.

And your right, "anywhere else" is a MUCH bigger place then "here". :-)