Friday, September 26, 2008

Hurricane Road has a Home

I decided that my Hurricane Road quilt should live on the daybed in the guest bedroom. I think the colors look happy there. I have two finished flimsies now to get layered and basted and then I can switch into quilting mode for a bit. I've added lots of leftovers to the scrap bin, so I'll have to give that some attention before I decide what is next. Since this quilt was a new project, it seems fair that I should spend some time on something old next. I may give some attention to the smaller experiments that I've been playing with lately and turn one or two of those into finished projects. The best thing about finishing something is being able to look forward to what is next.


Julie said...

That's a lucky daybed to be dressed so nicely.

Amanda said...

The quilt looks great there. You're so right about finishing something - that's why I can't understand why people have UFOs, I love the feeling of putting the last stitch in the binding and mentally crossing something off the list.

Amy (lilme2_99) said...

OH WOW! Those pillows match almost PERFECTLY!!!!! Perfect spot! I agree!