Thursday, September 4, 2008

Watching the Tropics

I would need three eyeballs to watch all the storms in the tropics right now. I'm exhausted just thinking about them all! Hannah has taken a turn for the better and shouldn't impact us much, a little wind and a few rain bands should just about do it. Now the weather channel is trying to talk us all into getting all worked up over Ike. I wish they didn't always try to make it sound so much more serious than it really is. It's too much of the boy who cried wolf. Not being willing to live my life in crisis mode, I'm tempted to just ignore them all, but I know I can't do that either.
I was cleaning out some old papers yesterday and found my hurricane shopping list. It was put out by the Mormons who are very good at being prepared for the worst case scenario. I remembered most of it when I did my hurricane shopping before Fay, but I forgot a couple of things that I'll add to the list the next time I'm at the store. Still, I've decided that the most important foods to have in a hurricanes are Cheeto's and Frozen Pizza. Anything to keep the kids happy is a good thing in a crisis. Maybe I'll add m&ms and activity books to the list.

Here is my hurricane kit food list compliments of the Church of Later Day Saints:
two cans of meat 12-24 oz
two cans of vegetables 14. 5 oz each
two cans of fruit 15 oz each
one can of pasta 15 oz
one box of macaroni and cheese 7.25 oz
one box of flavored rice 6 oz
two cans of pork and beans 15 oz each
one box of hot cereal 18 oz
one package of powdered milk 9.6 oz
one package of biscuit mix 8 oz
one can juice 11.5 oz
one jar peanut butter 18 oz
one jar jelly 14 oz

This is compact enough to fit in a medium rubermaid tub and is to be sealed and stored in a safe place during hurricane season. When a storm warning goes into effect, you are supposed to add a loaf of bread and put a gallon of milk in the freezer. Then turn the refrigerator all the way to cold and you are ready to go.
Other than watching hurricanes as background, things are good around here. We had our "Dad's out of town must eat McDonald's" dinner tonight and watched a movie. Very festive. Everyone got a good bath and headed to bed early. All the kids are bummed about having school tomorrow because mentally they were ready for a hurricane day. I'd rather have school than deal with Hannah right now, but maybe I'm just an odd duck.


Karen said...

These storms are wearing me out. I heard on the news today that they don't want people watering their lawns as water ends up in the storm sewers and out in the rivers which are flooded. Right now I can't imagine anyone needing to water their lawn. Ours is growing at top speed as it is.

Amy (lilme2_99) said...

Holy buckets girl! I just caught up reading today's and yesterday's posts----there really needs to be a SUPER WOMAN award to hand out to you. And NO ONE will turn you into the "health-food-when-dad-is-gone" police; we've all been-there-done-that. :0)

Glad to hear someone stepped up for Girl scouts.
Kurt will be home soon and you'll have your chance to breathe.

Oh---and thanks for sharing the Hurricane list. I won't ever have to worry about that living in Wis, BUT it brings new light to us Northerners when we're watching the evening news and they do a little "update" on the storms heading in "down there." I'll definitely be thinking of you!

Amanda said...

It sounds like the sort of list that was handed out for people to keep in their air-raid shelters in 1939! Except for the peanut butter and jelly of course, not Brit would have a clue what they were. Here's hoping you don't need them.

Quilt Pixie said...

I'd be turning off the weather channel -- I seldom listen to news (radio, print or tv) and I do truly hear enough from others to get the important bits... You'd hear if one of the storms was truly getting lined up with you, without all the hype and rhetoric... For me it'd lessen the stress... Just an idea.

Julie said...

Good luck! I can't take Quilt Pixie's advice - I HAVE to watch the news to see what is coming. I admire that she can. I am a news junkie, however. It looks like Ike is the one to worry about right now. The weather guy I am watching right now was talking about Hannah in the Pacific Ocean. He needs a basic geo. lesson!