Friday, November 4, 2011

Finising on Friday

I don't think I was able to sew a stitch all week, but I had plans.  After the longest school week ever I was SO looking forward to the weekend. As soon as all the kids were gathered and dinner was cleared from the table I hopped up to get the binding on RRCB.  It was too dark to get a good snapshot though, so I'll have a celebratory photo shoot tomorrow.  Then I got the last border on Spinning Stars.  I don't think I'll start on the backing tonight, but I've got a stack of likely fabrics that I plan to piece together into something suitable.  I'd like to test the size out on my bed, but that will have to wait for morning as well.  I still have a couple of small bits that I promised to quilt for a neighbor, and after that I can get this ginormous fellow loaded up on the frame.  Sydney wants to see a movie and have breakfast out, but generally things look pretty calm for the weekend.


Lynne said...

Hope you get plenty of time for sewing!

Mine has been very frustrating - we finally did about 36" x 6" of practise quilting and it took all day to get it done by 9:30pm!

Pieces to Love said...

Looks great!

Ellen said...

It looks really great!