Monday, November 7, 2011

One Bite at a Time

There is never a big block of time to work on anything substantial during the week, but I'm trying to make time to whittle away at projects a bit at a time on school days. Since Lizzie was determined to "help" with the sewing of binding, I went ahead and made my way into the sewing room for a few minutes after dinner. 
I'm definitely leaning toward gray for the connecting strips on the ScrapHappy blocks, so I cut some out for an extended audition.   I still need half blocks and a row of brown for the rainbow crumbs, but I went ahead and joined the rows so that they will stop falling off the wall. Not a huge accomplishment, but it is one step closer to having something else done.


Lynne said...

Any step forward is progress, right?

Michele, a distracted quilter said...

I am frequently amazed by what can be accomplished with 15 minutes daily. Love the rainbow crumb blocks.

Ellen said...

What would we do without our little helpers? I like the gray sashing too.

Amy said...

I wish I had you energy to do a lil' bit here and a lil' bit there. I haven't found ANY lil' bits since school started. :|

I LOVE the gray sashing! Yes....lovely connector color!!!

Angie in SoCal said...

I like the grey sashing also. I know just what you mean about craving little blocks of time - I have to do that and I have no little ones around - well not until my DGKs come over.

Razzle Dazzle Quilter said...

Hi di hi
to try without - the centre of the blocks would just float.
Just my five pennethworth

Amanda said...

I'm amazed that you find any time at all to sew during the week. I like the grey for the sashing, but like Razzle Dazzle I wonder what they would look like without?

krisgray said...

You're right - every little bit helps a project get finished. I'm not very good at remembering that!