Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Thinking about 2012

As the year begins to think about drawing to an end, I am starting to think about what can get finished up this year and what should go on the list for next year.  The first step was to sit down and make a list of everything in progress, in a bag or a box or in some stage of planning. 

So, in no partricular order, here I go:
1. Smith Mountain Majesty is cut out and in a box ready to be sewn.
2. Goose in the Puddle is also cut out and ready to be sewn.
3. Orca Bay hasn't been started yet, but I have pulled the fabric.
4. Jamestown Landing has some piecing done and is mostly cut out.
5. Rainbow Crumbs has rows assembled
6. ScrapHappy Squares needs to be put together with sashing
7. Nine patches are extras from leaders and enders
8. Another Irish Chain is in progress as leaders and enders
9. Another Four Squares quilt is in progress as leaders and enders
10. Connecting Threads Sampler (Star Something?) is sitting in a shoebox. (can't find a photo -- how old must that be?)
11. Applique Baskets are handwork in progress
12. Cheddar Bowties are leaders and enders in progress.
13. Midget Blocks are coming along slowly and surely. 
14. Crumb Along blocks are in a stack, not sure if there are enough for a quilt
15. Cathedral Stars - need to find the ruler to make more blocks
16. Dear Jane is ready for handquilting
17. Shoot for the Moon - in chunks ready to be assembled. 

 I think that's it for now.  Here are my first thoughts:
  • There are too many leaders and enders to be going on at one time.  Maybe I should choose the one that is furthest along and see if it can be completed sooner rather than later.  
  • There are 4 Bonnie Hunter Patterns that are fairly intense, I think those will need to go one at a time, of those, the mystery wins out for pure fun of following along reasons. 
  • I'll need a handwork project for car trips over the holidays, either baskets for midgets could fill that role.  If I prep the backgrounds on the midgets I could start embroidering the names, that would be fun. 
  • First up are the crumb and scrap blocks, those can be finished up fairly quickly I think. 
  • The list got longer as I searched back looking for photos to link.  Maybe I should put these in reverse chronological order by start date?

Just went back to check my UFO list for this year, even though I didn't participate in the challenge, I did pretty well on the list.  Just Starlight remains, I'd better get that puppy done!  I think I will officially give up on Depression blocks or call it a table topper. 


Miki Willa said...

Now you have me wondering just what is in that pile that keeps getting higher. I may have to make a list like yours and see what I can finish before I start anything else.

Ellen said...

Yousers! That is a huge list of quilts to complete. I totally agree that Bonnie's new mystery is definitely a "must do" at the top of the list.

Ann Marie @ 16 Muddy Feet said...

Wow only 17..........I had better get busy!!! Wait, I just checked the my list again. I have two at the quilters that will need binding, 8 that are ready to be quilted (need money) and that only leaves 20 on my list, oh wait 22, the one I just started yesterday, and Bonnie's new mystery I haven't started. But at least the list is moving in the right direction. Oh we love to stay busy and have choices don't we?!

Lynne said...

Oh my, the post I wrote today was about having more than one project on the go at any given time but seventeen! Really? I think your plan to pick the one that's closest to finishing and work on that would be what I woould do!

John'aLee said...

Wow! You amaze me. You are an inspiration to the rest of us!

Rhonda said...

Oh thank you for sharing your list of ufo's. Now I don't feel like I'm the only one with so many projects to get finished. I am still working on my scrappy rainbow - but instead of little projects I wanted to make one big quilt. Well, I changed my mind over and over again on what I wanted to quilt to look like in the end result. So I didn't make any blocks for quite a long time. I have several designs now that are calling to me to make a final decision. So with luck before the end of the month I will be back to work on it again. I know my scrap pile is sure piling up. LOL