Thursday, October 11, 2012

Finish it on Fake Friday

 Teal Crumbs has been having the binding slowly stitched all week.  It needed to have a moment when I was home during the day to get some photos.  Look at how bright it is in the afternoon sunlight. 
 The quilting consists of some fire like fingers that run horizontally across the quilt. I u sed aqua thread on the front and black on the back.  My thread stash has taken a big hit lately.  I seem to keep using things up.  Maybe I should do some shopping?  I like the professional cones at Connecting Threads.  First I'd better take a color inventory and match it against upcoming quilts.  They do free shipping with a fifty dollar order.  That might be too much thread.  I'd better throw in a few rainbow bits for next years planned Rainbow Scrap Challenge Jane.
Sydney will never forgive me for including boxer fabric in the random black squares that make up the back. She was OK with everything else, but astonished that I put UNDERWEAR on her quilt. 
Tomorrow is a teacher workday and I am signed up for more AP training.  So even though it is only Thursday, to me it feels like a Friday.  I even tried to watch the VP debate last night and couldn't figure out why it wasn't on.  I also went out to dinner with my friend Meisje who just started a new job.  We've been trying to get together for ages, but we have both been busy lately. 
The big news of the week was an invitation in my inbox yesterday to attend a committee meeting for the new biology end of course exam in order to review item specifications.  Attending a meeting didn't seem like too big of a deal until I read down further and realized that the meeting was 4 days long and out of town.  4 school days?!  Yikes, that was a big deal.  So much talking to administrators and negotiating for subs followed along with so much rearranging and planning of lessons.  I'll get everything finished up this weekend and then start packing for my trip.  After talking to a coworker who has been to similar meetings in the past, I will also pack lots of quilting to work on in my hotel room in the evenings. 


Quilter Kathy said...

Great finish! Your upcoming trip sounds like fun!

Andee said...

You juggle it all so well! Happy handsewing!

Cyn said...

Your Teal Crumb quilt is awesome. Love the bit about the 'knickers' being on the back. Too funny.
Have a good business trip.

Ann Marie @ 16 Muddy Feet said...

Love that you used boxers! It will always be a conversation piece because of it too. I love going out of town for work, I get soooooooooooo much done. I can't wait to see all that you do during those 4 nights. I can here the power sewing already.

Kate said...

It's amazing what they take exception to when it's their quilt.

Hope you have a great trip.

Lynne said...

I'mnot sure if four days of academic talking is a blessing or not! But time to work on your quilting without family pressures (much as we love them) definitely is!

Kath said...

goodness, I feel tired just reading about your schedule, you must be a very energetic lady :-)

I did smile about the boxers, aren't our kids funny sometimes!