Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Weee Wednesday

So it was Tiny Tuesday yesterday and I had my block all ready to go.  I love seeing what blocks everyone else is working on each week and seeing their quilts progress through the months and years.  I have a list under the Midget Tab of all the of the people I know who are currently working on the same set of blocks.  Did anyone else see on Jill's post that there are new blocks being posted?!  I had given up on seeing any new blocks before I was done with my quilt and had done the math to make it all work out.  Now all of the sudden there are more blocks in the pipeline!
So if you are working on Midgets, or thinking about saving them for someday, head over to Sentimental Stitches and get the blocks before the older ones disappear.  1 through 50 have already been retired and need to be purchased, the next 50 will probably be retired soon, so go save them while you can.  I think a new block will be coming out every week for a while.  So far there are links to block 126 and 127.  


Deb A said...

I did see that on Jills blog yesterday. It looks like they might finish at 4 inches instead of 4.5... I'll have to go read again. I saved them off - something to look forward to on Mondays! Your quilt is looking great.

Angie in SoCal said...

Those blocks are amazing. I'm all admiration for them. Way to go!

Kate said...

I love your mini's. I wouldn't have the patience for them, but I really enjoy seeing your's come together.