Monday, October 29, 2012

Mini Monday - Cross and Crown

This is block number 93 and was paper pieced in four simple sections.  Add in three traditionally cut pieces and it came together with no trouble at all.

I switched the colors up a bit from the pattern, but the dark purple part seemed like a crown to me therefore wanted to be darker than the background.  I am still getting lots of mileage out of the bundle of solids that I ordered.  It is amazing how handy it is to have lots of colors to go with the patterns.  


Lynne said...

It's a lovely block! A whole lot of them together would be an amazing quilt, I think!

Teresa in Music City said...

I really like that block! It does look like crowns. And I see you've hired an assistant to show off your blocks - he did a fine job!

Kate said...

Purple is such a "royal" color, it looks very regal in that block. (Sorry couldn't resist).