Friday, March 14, 2014

Happy Pi Day

 I took Ryan and Sydney to Firehouse subs for dinner tonight and we decided to celebrate pi day by buying a pie on the way home.  Actually baking would have been even more festive, but its been a long week.
 Kurt is driving Anna to Orlando to set up her science fair board again at the Orlando Science Center.  She won the right to compete by doing well at the district level science fair last month.  She'll go back and spend the day tomorrow explaining her project to judges and whoever else wants to listen.  I'l be at the Science Olympiad  State competition which is at the University of Central Florida.  Sydney has a track meet and Ryan has play practice.  Making all of that happen at exactly the same time was a bit of a trick.  Hopefully everything will work out just right.
Sydney did a cooking demonstration at school today as part of their unit on food.  She made Apple Crumb Sundaes and said they were delicious!
We picked up a movie from Redbox to enjoy with our pie, so I'd better go settle in with the kids.  Not much going on for RSC quite yet, but maybe Sunday?  


Amy said...

Dang shootin' tootin'! Happy PI day!
Today was PI day AND Teacher Inservice (which means potluck) to boot!
I. Was. Stufffffffed! all afternoon!

Sounds like a gloriously amazingly filled weekend for you. It's so exciting to see so much amazing knowledge and enjoyment shared between all of you. Education HAS its rewards :)

Happy Friday

Sheila said...

Happy Pi Day! Such smart, talented children. I know you are proud.

Sherrill said...

I actually made a pie today but it will not be consumed until tomorrow (it's dessert for after our early St. Paddy's day dinner)! MAN, your kids keep you hoppin' constantly!!!

Alycia~Quiltygirl said...

What fun you are making out of all the busy!! Go pi!!!

Deb A said...

Darn - I missed pie day! I won't make that same mistake and miss National Sewing Day today.
Hope you can squeeze in some stitching tomorrow.

Kate said...

Wow, that's a lot for one day. Good luck to Anna with her science fair project and good luck to your students at the Science Olympiad!

Nell's Quilts said...

We enjoyed pie day very much for the first time. I didn't realize it was a much celebrated event. I'll have to mark it on next year's calendar so I don't forget. Loved baking a special cherry pie and sharing it with extended family.