Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Rainbow Scrap Challenge - Anvil

I've been searching through archives of classic blocks and came across this nice simple pattern called Anvil. Just plain squares and two sizes of half square triangles.  It doesn't call to me, but it is a nice use of readily available subunits.
Using the easy angle ruler, start with 3.5 inch strips of light and medium teal.  Layer them right sides together and cut two triangles.  You may also use your favorite HST technique as long as it results in 3.5 inch unfinished squares.  (I think you would use 3 and 7/8 inch squares)
Next take 2 inch strips of light and medium teal and layer them right sides together.  I used the same two teals as for the first set, but you could mix it up a bit more if you like.  You will need 4 sets of triangles
Last, cut 2 inch squares.  You will need 2 in dark teal and two in light teal.
Sew the two large and four small half square triangle blocks together along the hypotenuse.  Remove dog ears, and press the seams toward the darker fabric.  Set the larger HST blocks aside for the next step.  Take the small HST blocks and arrange them into four patches alternating with one light and one dark teal square.  Notice that the medium teal triangles both point toward the center of the block in a bowtie like pattern.  Sew each four patch and press as desired.  I like to twirl the center seam, but that part is up to you.
Almost there!  Now take your two four patches and arrange them with the large HST units into a large four patch.  Notice that the dark triangles both face the center of the block.
TaDa!  How cut and quick was that?  I was able to whip it up on a school night, that doesn't happen much these days.  


Jo said...

Your colours are so lovely
I am having trouble finding this colour.
I have so much to catch up on.

Needled Mom said...

That is soooo pretty.

Andee said...

Just when I thought I was caught up--LOL something to look forward to after work again! I have the "block tool" which is these cards that have a zillion blocks on them in different sizes and 6 inch is one of the choices..if you need another place to look for great 6 inch blocks!

Nell's Quilts said...

Two new blocks to make in teal. I'll get to use some of the little bits my quilting buddies gifted me with. Yeah!!!!

Deb A said...

You must be having a good week or really need the stress relief of sewing at night =). I'm with Andee - I was all caught up until I saw your post. Something for me to do tonight after soccer and before NCIS comes on.

Lisa said...

Oh I'm loving those fabrics!!!

Kate said...

Fun block!