Sunday, March 2, 2014

Puzzles and Plans

 I am trying to remember the last time I had both time and energy to sew.  Its been a while.  First on my list is the anniversary quilt for my MIL who will be coming to stay with the kids when DH and I take our vacation for spring break.  I had the rows all pinned, but now I need to get everything back in the right order to get the rows sewn together.
 Before I could jump into that, I needed to do a bit of cleaning up in the sewing room.  I haven't quite gotten settled in after the closet organizer collapse that happened several weeks ago.  With all the clutter I was having trouble finding what I was working on.  Never a good thing.  While I was organizing, I found this highly technical sketch I had made for the rainbow scrap challenge sampler.  It is making me feel better about having made only 6 pink blocks last month.  Look at how small pink is in the corner there.  I'll pretend I did that on purpose rather than admit that the flu and work and life all got the better of me last month.
I also managed to sneak a few teal squares in between rows of the anniversary quilt.  I am really liking teal more and more each time I work with it.  So soothing and welcoming.  


Katie Z. said...

Highly technical? Looks like a perfect plan to me, no matter how low tech it is!

I'm sorry you haven't had time and energy. It can be so frustrating. We'll get through this (says the woman whose son is now trying to stick scissors and fingers under my needle as I sew, resulting in no sewing time when he's awake!).

Kate said...

I have to agree with Katie, a plan is a plan. Hope you got in some stitching time this weekend. I won't have a completely free weekend until we get to April.

Michele said...

I so understand. Getting sick last month really put me behind too.