Sunday, October 26, 2014

Road to Tennessee

Finding just the right blocks to use with exactly the scraps that you have on hand can be kind of fun.  I happened to have several squares of brown, but no more than two of each kind.  This block seemed like a nice way to put them to use.
 You will need four 3.5 inch squares in brown.  They can be the same or different.  I chose two of each --just 'cause that is what I had in the brown bin.  You will also need 8 2 inch squares.
 Place a two inch square on opposite corners of each large brown square and draw a line from corner to corner diagonally.  The lines should run parallel to one another.  You may pin these in place temporarily or place them one at at time, but you will need to sew on the drawn line for each small square.
 Next flip open the small brown corners and press them open.  Check to make sure the corners are nice and straight before trimming off the triangles behind.
All that remains is to  sew the squares together as a four patch.  This one makes a nice alternate block between scrappy 16 patches. Maybe for next year?


Teresa in Music City said...

I hope that road brings you toward the Nashville area of Tennessee LOL!!! I never knew that was the name of this block - cool!

Scrappy quilter said...

Such a easy and quick block to make.

Dasha said...

Love this block. I have made one in every colour for this year's RSC.

Kate said...

I'm so far behind, guess I better get busy.