Saturday, October 11, 2014

RSC Sampler - Prairie Queen

I know its been a while! I finally sat down today and made time for another rainbow scrap challenge sampler block! Thanks for your patience as I ramble through trying to make too many "to dos" fit into a day. I am planning on sitting down this week though and working through as much of the rest of the year as I possibly can. I want to have a finished quilt to show y'all in the very near future.
I'm definitely in a brown mood right now.  All the warm chocolateyness makes me think of fall.  For this block, you will need 1.5 and 2.5 inch strips in both dark and light.  Start with the 2.5 inch strips.   Place them right sides together and use the Easy Angle Ruler to cut 4 HST units.  Take just the light fabric and cut one additional 2.5 inch square.  Next check out your 1.5 inch strips.  You will need at least 12 inches length on each strip.  You could also use two 6 inch strips of each color, which is what I did.
So here are your pieces ready to go:
    4 -  2.5 inch HST units (dark and light)
    1 - 2.5 inch square in light
    12 inch long 1.5 inch strips of light and dark
Sew the HST units together along the long side.  While still at the machine, go ahead and sew your 1.5 inch strips together.  Trip dog ears and press all seams toward the dark.
You will need to divide your dark and light strip set in half and layer them together so that the dark and light alternate.  Sub cut the layered strip set into 1.5 inch segments.  Sew these together to make four patches.  Twirl the seams and press.
Now your 4 HST units will combine with your 4 four patches and your one extra light square to make a nine patch.  the four corners are made of the HST units with the dark fabrics facing the center of the block.  The four patches all face the same direction.  Resist the urge to rotate them decoratively.  I had trouble not changing up the pattern.  The single light square will go right in the center.
Sew together as you would any nine patch block.  Press the seams so that the block lies flat, I did mine away from the four patches because they had more seams.  Your unfinished block should measure 6.5 inches and it will be 6 inches in the finished quilt.  Check out the RSC Sampler link or Pinterest page for more 6 inch block tutorials.  


Deb A said...

Yea! I'm going to go head in and make this in about 2 hours..... after I figure out dinner.

Kate said...

It's hard to keep up with it all. Thanks for such a fun sampler.

Nana Diane said...

I love this pattern! It's exactly the pattern I didn't know I was looking for! ! LOL I will be starting this one before this he end of the week. Thank you thank you thank you!