Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Odds and Ends

School starts for teachers the day after tomorrow.  I am soaking up each and every last minute of vacation and using it to cross all the odds and ends off the list.  Productive things like detailing the mini van and polishing the hard wood floors.  Also fun things like finishing quilts and whipping up small sewing projects.
 I ordered some slipcovers for our tired and torn kitchen chairs.  They came with nifty zipper cases.  I hated to throw them out, but I'm on a roll right now with clearing out.  Instead I harvested the zippers and used them to make four little zipper cases for silverware or pencils.  There never seem to be any forks in the teacher workroom, so I'm going to put one of these in my mailbox and stash one in my desk for lunches.  Anna has one for college too, as she is supposed to provide her own silverware for the cafeteria.  They are very environmentally aware at her school and don't like disposable silverware. 
I added one more row to the framed four patches.  
Then cobbled together the back out of leftover four patches.  I might like it a bit more than the front honestly.  
More four squared blocks were next out of the bin of bagged WIPs.  I used extra fabric from the back of the framed four patches to create the alternate blocks and then webbed the top together yesterday afternoon while binge watching an entire season of Grey's Anatomy in the background.   
There is enough of this brown fabric for a border and matching backing.  
That frenzy let me cross the first three projects off my list.  I think that the next two might be doable as well, after that it looks like more effort might be required.  We'll have to see how far I get. 


Andra Gayle said...

wow, I thought I had to go back early but I don't go back until Monday- except I have worked five registration days in the last week. Great that you are getting things done! I can't seem to get motivated to do much after I get my run in.

Mcirishannie f/k/a quilt til you wilt said...

Love your energy before heading backroads school. You really are “so” scrappy! ��

Alycia~Quiltygirl said...

Is it okay to sad - oh how sad.... I think teachers should wait till the last minute too..... ;-)

The Joyful Quilter said...

Awesome projects, all!!!

Dasha said...

Oh my goodness! Did you sleep at all? Wonderful bunch of scrappies. Well done.

Kate said...

Not one, but two flimsies? Wow! You were really, really productive and organized. When does Anna have to leave for college. We've got the SIT home till Friday, then it's back to school for editor training.