Sunday, January 2, 2022

Day 2 of 2022

 I won't keep counting days forever, but it does feel good to try to accomplish something each day of the new year.   

Accomplishment number 1 for the day, watching the sun come up over the horizon.   Kurt is driving our son Ryan back to college today, and our oldest daughter left to be back and celebrate the new year with her friends.  That just leaves the youngest daughter and I to putter around the house today.   I'm collecting some things for Goodwill and doing some tidying.   With the windows open to a beautiful ocean breeze, it is quite pleasant.   We took down the tree yesterday, which left everything feeling so open and clear.   
The RSC color for January is red, so I might start to play with some red scraps today as well.  
Accomplishment number two is getting this quilt top ready to sew together.  The 16 patch blocks were leaders and enders from many years ago. They were all mixed up with the monochromatic nine patches made from 2 inch squares that I seem to use for so many quilts.   I thought about tossing these out, but started to play on graph paper and came up with this arrangement using groupings of four.  Each group of 4 with 2 inch sashing strip works out to 14 inches.  Big blocks make quilts quickly, so it seemed worth making just a few more to finish off a top.   The lattice and cornerstones are two different rainbow dotted whites and so I found the only piece of dotted fabric with enough for the border.  It just happened to be orange, and so a happy quilt is ready to be turned into a flimsy.   
Next on the list are the last two applique baskets to this quilt that was also started long ago.   I was afraid that I didn't have any of the dotted background fabrics on hand anymore, but was able to find enough to get the last two blocks prepped and ready for some slow stitching.   I can't decide whether these need a lattice and cornerstones treatment, it is trickier with an on point setting, but the baskets seem to need a little space to breath.     
I think I will take some time to breath as well and check out Slow Stitching Sunday and Oh Scrap!  


Deb A said...

Our tree came down yesterday as well and all the Christmas clutter/decorations really does open up the house for January! Glad you got a nice sunrise in and some fabric play time.

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I should have started the tree packing away yesterday and didn't now it is so old I don't feel like going out to the utility room to get the boxes - might have to just stick on a jacket and do it.

Susie H said...

Sweet baskets and I love the 16-patches. I never get enough sunrise pictures. So glad someone has sun to look at today!

Karrin Hurd said...

Love your baskets, and lovely sunrise. My granddaughter heads back to Boston tomorrow. Happy New Year and hope you have a great week!