Saturday, January 8, 2022

Week 2 ScrapHappy Saturday

It is red week number 2 already!  I hope you are all getting a chance to dig in and play with your scraps.   I have worked my way through the 1.5 inch collection already so today I will tackle the 2 inch strips.   Blackford's Beauty is my plan for these guys. I've been saving the solids specifically to unify the star points.   Looking forward to seeing what scraphapiness everyone else is up to.  This is the awkward time of the year when I try NOT to start every new project I see on someone else's blog.  
As far as local news, friends have been sending me this link to an article about our little corner of Florida.  Covid is in full swing here, hoping for a quick spike on this one as the numbers are just unimaginably high.  I'm starting to run in to a lot of people having their second case.   I am in the minority so far having not been pulled on my planning to cover for sick teachers without subs. I think they have sympathy for the batch that had Covid over the break as we aren't all fully functional again.  Thankfully it was a short week though and I have a weekend to rest and recharge before heading into the battle zone again.     


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