Tuesday, January 4, 2022

Day 4 of 2022


I think that I have firmed up my block plans for #RSC2022.   The Courthouse Steps block have a bulls-eye layout and the broken dishes stars have morphed into a Carpenter's Star.  The Blackford Beauty block is solid though!  It was a quiet day of puttering in the sewing room.  We got a three month trial of Apple TV with a new phone and so I was watching The Morning Show while ironing and trimming.   My red scraps are trimmed nicely into strips, rectangles and squares of the appropriate shapes and size.   By big event of the day was another beach walk at low tide.  

It was on odd sunrise this morning.  There was a lot of cloud cover so it took a while to show up and them quickly darted back into clouds again.   This morning was cold and drizzly, but it turned into a nice afternoon again.   Given the images of so much snow up north, I will enjoy a little damp morning spittle gladly.   

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