Sunday, December 30, 2007

New Years look back

So here is the list I started with for 2007. I just figured out how to edit HTML so I could strike out the ones that are finished (say yea for being technically literate!). The last three I consider to be long term works in progress. There are no deadlines for those. So of the list of 15, I only finished 4 this year. Of course, I did other things that were not on the list, but that doesn't solve the problem of making the list shorter. So I need to assess the 8 things in the middle of the list and see where I stand on those. In addition, I need to add the new projects I started this year but did not finish (yet).

  1. Spice Meadows
  2. Hand quilting on Anna’s purple beauty
  3. label green and yellow nine patch
  4. free motion quilting on block party quilt
  5. embroider names on blue baby quilt
  6. Sampler quilt
  7. Dresden Plates
  8. orange and teal pinwheels
  9. patriotic log cabin quilt
  10. Buttons and Bow Ties
  11. green and purple BOM stars
  12. Doll mini hexagons
  13. Hexagon Charm Quilt
  14. Dear Jane at Sea
  15. Elm Creek Sampler

I was up until 2 last night organizing and sorting. I always get the urge around the new year to start everything tidy and fresh. I got some more ties cut down for my bowtie quilt. I have a system down now. First I rough cut 5 inch squares of interfacing, which I iron onto the back of the opened ties. I've been getting three squares per tie and saving the rest for smaller bits later. Then I rough cut the squares and size them to 4.5 inches. I tried cutting out the squares first, but the silky fabric was really stretchy. I'm using a dimensional bowtie pattern, so each block takes three squares of "bowtie" fabric and two of background. I'm not sure yet how I'll set them. DH insists that the colors are all too busy and don't go together so they need to be separated by some solid squares in black or navy. They look more like bowties on the diagonal, but I also like the secondary patterns when they all form circles. So many decisions......

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