Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas

Santa apparently wanted chocolate chip muffins with his cookies this year. We spent our Christmas eve baking and getting ready for the big day. Because we are going to Grandmas house for Christmas day, we asked Santa if he could come a little early. He's really accommodating that way :) We had a Christmas party to go to, but came back early to make sure everything was set for the big event. We made sure there were plenty of cookies and milk to go with the muffins, and carefully counted out 8 baby carrots for the reindeer. My dear son informed me proudly that a reindeer is really the same thing as a caribou, and that usually they don't fly. That's good to know.
Everyone snuggled into their new Christmas pajamas, and disappeared to bed without a backward glance. I'm going to miss these days when we are all past the magic.

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