Thursday, December 13, 2007

Step 3 begins

I checked out step three of the Carolina Crossroads Mystery. More 9 patches! I had a quilt pictured in my mind -- the 9 patches were in the corners, with the rail fences pointed down to an hourglass in the middle. I'm trying to decide what the new 9 patches are for -- and why there are only 80. I had decided on 4 9 patches per block with a 5 by 5 setting, thats 25 blocks X 4 per block for 100 each. Now only 80 of the new patch has me wondering. Is it some sort of setting square with a lattice running to a 9 patch cornerstone? 80 blocks seems like too many for that, maybe if it continued to the border? Hmmm -- I'll have to ponder that.
I guess I shouldn't be in a huge rush to get these done, there won't be another clue until after Christmas :( Probably for the best though, as things are fairly hectic around here. There is a debate going on at my school as to whether we should move the start of the school year back even if it means that semester exams would be after winter break. I love knowing when we go away for Christmas that all the loose ends are tied up and I can relax with nothing hanging over my head. Still, at this time of year when I'm trying to finish grades, edit a final and make sure everything in wrapped up before the break, I'm thinking a little breather might be a good thing.

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