Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Something "Quilty"

I'm feeling fairly caught up on things right now. I gave my last final today and had it graded before it was time to pick up the little princess from preschool. There are still two more days of school when I can go in and catch up on the leftover bits and pieces. On the sewing front, I finished step three of the Carolina Crossroads Mystery (and am quite proud of me), and got the center portion of my log cabin almost done. So, what happens when I am feeling fairly caught up? I decide to start something new of course. I am thinking that a few "quilt as you go" place mats would make excellent Christmas gifts. I was thinking the blue will look good as a log cabin block, and then with the greens I can try a free form flying geese Christmas tree and maybe some stripes. I'll see how it goes.

I lined the kids up yesterday and tried to get a picture for the Christmas cards. I think this one says it all.
Two people have been nice enough to leave me comments on my blog. Of course being new to the whole blogging thing, I have no idea how to respond to those comments. I've been "lurking" around the Quilt Maverick and Stashbuster rings for a while now, but have not evolved yet to the leaving comments part. Maybe I'll do some exploring over the break and figure out how things work :)

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