Friday, June 14, 2013

Quilting Practice

 So first up today I decided to piece a batting for the practice quilt.
 Then of course the kids wanted to swim.  We fished this snake out of the pool.
 I've seen this paisley design as a back ground on a lot of quilts.  I think it will take some practice.
 This was a small fan variation.  The designs are so small that the stitches look huge.  Eventually it occurred to me that I should turn down the stitch length.
 The border was getting a little branching vine.
The top is called brain coral and the bottom is pebbling.  I have been looking patterns up form Leah Day's web site.  I think the quilt is about 1/3 done, so there is still plenty of room for more practice.  


Mary Marcotte said...

You note the snake like it's an ordinary thing to discover in your pool when the kids are going swimming! And right back to the quilting practice as if it was all just an interruption. I'd have been a bit more excited and way more upset but that guy anywhere!

Kate said...

Quilt, find a snake and then quilt some more? Summer break must be a very mellowing experience!

Your quilting practice runs look good.

sophie said...

Last night, I pulled some old books on machine quilting off my shelves for some review. Those old classics still had a lot to teach me ... we'll see if it makes any difference in my FMQ soon.

I would have been terrified by the snake ... the little (but very fast) lizard that found its way into my house nearly did me in!

Amy said...

LOL~ I'm chuckling at the other comments, because I was also thinking how "oh, no big deal; it's a snake" you sounded.
Considering I'm neck deep in my bat experience, that picture creeps me OUT right now!

FUN quilting practice. The pebbling looks great

Terri said...

Love those over large stitches! and the design they are creating. But practice smactus... what kind of snake is that? And you are so casually removing it! You are one brave Momma!

Deb@asimplelifequilts said...

Snakes and big spiders are major icks to me - I think because they both move so fast! We spray for spiders every year about this time and thank goodness we only have small garter snakes around the yard. You are brave!! Beautiful quilting...

Ann Marie @ 16 Muddy Feet said...

Love it, quilt quilt quilt, oh yeah a snake, quilt quilt quilt. Still haven't heard if Amy is BAT free yet. LOL. In Florida snakes are a part of life, they are everywhere. Just gotta watch where you step so a rattler don't get your toes.