Thursday, June 6, 2013

Rainy Day Activities

Other people have rainy days, but when we have them in Florida, they come with names.  So this rainy day is brought to you by tropical storm Andrea.  Looks like the perfect day to stay in and sew a bit.
Here is a test block I worked out for a quilt that I would like to make for a someone who likes green.  I saw it pop up a lot when I was looking for inspiration for the pink Arkansas Crossroads Variation.  Sometimes it is called Crossroads and sometimes I have seen it called Linked Up.  Either way, I wanted bigger blocks than the ones I saw in tutorials, so this version uses 2.5 by 4.5 inch bricks of green along with 4.5 inch background squares.  I cut out enough pieces last night to put together a nice lap sized quilt I think.  I'm off to do the math camp drop off, but after that I was asked to make a quick tutorial for the pink quilt and I should get busy with some serious block sewing together.  Maybe with some nice hot tea to warm me on this cold and dreary day?

Thanks to Judy D. who let me know that Connie has a tutorial for this block in three sizes.  How cool is that?  The little ones would be super cute!


Judy D in WA said...

Connie has a great tutorial for this block in 3 sizes on her tutorials page.
I just recently did a quilt like this. Super fast and fun. Green is going to be awesome!

Ellen said...

It is such a simple quilt block to piece and goes together really quickly. But even better, it does make a fabulous quilt. The recipient will love it!

Amy said...

Oooo.....the bad (or good?) thing about summer is practicing restraint!
That block is too super cute (and so easy!).....
I simply must resist, cuz I wanna finish up some long-sitting flimsies!!!

Dreary day here again too! I'll be joining you with some interior activities.

Amy said...

Y'all okay down there now that Andrea has moved through? Just watching some storm damage on the news; hope you only got some of the outer bands of rain and wind.

Kate said...

I really liked your first line about rainy days coming with names. That's probably the truth a lot of the time for you during the summer.