Thursday, June 20, 2013

Tiny Islands of Organization

Hurray for home days.  Anna and Sydney were both off to camp this morning, but Ryan and I got to have a home day!  He was busy working on a robot he has been designing.  He seems to have outgrown the lego mindstorm kit and is building using sheet metal and motors from power tools.  I'm not sure he will be able to make a working battle bot, but he sure is having fun.
After supervising a little time with the drill press and making a quick trip to home depot,  I was ready to tackle another organization area of irritation.
This is a spot that the kids have taken over where they dump all the things they don't want to put away.  Right now it is full of extra school and craft supplies.  

I think the easiest way to prevent dumping is to start with a nice empty area.  If it doesn't fit in the drawer it will have to go somewhere else.  Seems reasonable, right?  As for the drawer, that is a project for another day.  Maybe one I can get the kids to do?  Well, a girl can dream, can't she?
Most of the day has been spent lesson planning.  I have gotten out of the quilting mode all of the sudden.  Still, considering that all the secondary teachers in our district are going to have to teach an extra class next year, any work I can get done now will make me life less hectic in the future. Again, I am full of dreams today.  


Andee said...

Way to tackle one spot at a time, and wowza to teaching another class..sometimes I wish I had lived during the boom times instead of now!

Kate said...

I've been doing the one spot at a time clean out. It is easier to keep it clean if you get it cleaned off. Well at least it was working for the dining room table until I had to go out of town. If I'm not here to nag, the other two start piling again!